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  1. Awesome, super hot caps Sparkles, Jabbath and the others! Well done. This MMFFF etc etc is a refreshing change.
  2. Yeah, speaking of shrinkage... But Amy is right. We aren't all built like gods and goddesses.
  3. Oh my goodness Clara...Are you sure you don't want me to come over and help you with that?
  4. Yep...I will miss Leora and the rest, but I wont miss a minute of sleep over this. As the dolphins said as they left planet earth, "goodbye and thanks for all the fish"
  5. What do you know please? I'm intrigued with this interaction...it looks like real drama
  6. I feel shame that all I can think about is this bastard gets all of this sweet pussy and he isn't on his hands and knees like I...I'm not proud of this...would be...
  7. wtf is going on here? Lots of drama on display
  8. Wow, nice work! Clara looks stunning as always.
  9. I shiver with anticipation... The answer is "Of course I will sleep with Melissa"
  10. How does a guy not know how to masturbate? The way he was squeezing that bad boy made me cringe. That said, it's the first time I've seen a guy going solo on these sites in the many years I've been lurking (in the free sites).
  11. That's awesome! Happy Birthday Herman! This is my favourite apt on the whole site...and Herman is one lucky guy to have a harem of crazy cuties.
  12. Was there some recent drama here? I see a bunch of game pieces scattered about and lots of stomping around going on. I'm not a subscriber so can't see the archives.
  13. She was wandering around for quite some time...I was actually quite concerned. I just came back and she seems relatively normal. She was having a serious episode earlier though.
  14. Uhoh...seems Miranda has the meth tweaker thing happening...
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