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  1. ZedJustZed

    Polly & Valery

    Oh my god. Stop putting western values on a system that is not at all western. This is how business is carried out on this site and in Russia/Ukraine. Get used to it or leave. Tenants come and go and there is zero loyalty either way. If you are a tenant here, you must expect to be treated like shit and you will be rewarded with cheap food, vodka and as much sex as you can handle. Look good for the cameras so that the owners can keep the rent and utilities paid. If anyone here believes that any of the tenants or managers are actually wholesome, righteous people, then you are deluding yourselves. The most important thing is to keep the mystery there so that subscribers will pay the extra to see what they really come here for.
  2. ZedJustZed

    Polly & Valery

    Oddly, I hope they do screw up financially. Maybe they can cut costs by going back to a dozen choice apts rather than the garbage they have been spewing the last year.
  3. ZedJustZed

    Candy & Dean Part #1

    For those of us who didn't see what happened, can you provide a "blow by blow"? It appears that a fight happened, but it is hard to understand what went down by reading the comments. I see the realm is offline now.
  4. ZedJustZed

    Bree & Drew, Tara

    I doubt you will ever see a child on any cam sites.
  5. ZedJustZed

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    I guess suffocation isn't such a bad way to go after all...
  6. ZedJustZed

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    I thought so at first too, but Billy seems to be "fitting in" just fine now!
  7. ZedJustZed

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    Billy's packing some heat!
  8. ZedJustZed

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    Poor Billy has the exact same "Deer in the headlights" look that the stuffed bear has
  9. ZedJustZed

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    I have no idea where anyone went...but I'm too cheap ass to subscribe
  10. ZedJustZed

    Anastasia, Nyusha Part #1

    Don't forget the visit from the ERT a few days ago. I am hoping someone is keeping an eye on her.
  11. ZedJustZed

    Stella & Stephan Part #1

    I think you might be a bit jaded, and I can understand why. Maybe I look at it differently, but, for me anyway, the sex is a backdrop to the reasons I watch VH and RLC. I like it for the slice of life you see between the sex action scenes. Whether it's grabbing the kleenex after he jizzes a load on her ass, or the way there seems to be nothing thought about people wandering around with little or no clothes on. I love checking out the loggia in Chad and Todd's apt just to see what kind of weather Siberia is experiencing. I could care less whether they are cam stars or not. I doubt VH will bring in nothing but cam stars. They know there are people lurking in just the ordinary rooms, regardless of circumstance.
  12. ZedJustZed

    Anastasia, Nyusha Part #1

    The emt's were there for quite a while and the syringe they used was huge. I wonder if it was diabetic shock? It was really strange too how the activity was filmed entirely. No, they gave her a shot in the ass then left and she seemed fine right after, if a bit groggy.
  13. ZedJustZed

    Anastasia, Nyusha Part #1

    She took a shot in the ass...much like last night
  14. The sexual tension going on in that place must be horrible. Why can't he just make his move and be done with it... If I was in that room after their yoga I'd lick marmalade from between their sweaty butt cheeks.
  15. must be down. No cams at all here in canada