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  1. She was been around a while ago. I do agree with you though.
  2. I, for one, appreciate Budda and all other contributors who post content from VH. Thank you all for adding to my precious spank bank. Please lets keep the individual comments related to the personalities of the posters here out and focus on the partsintheirpants...I mean participants.
  3. That stairway looks like a serious accident waiting to happen. No handrail, those two awkward steps and the taller ones have to duck their heads to walk down.
  4. A bit more action there and she could fill that pool herself.
  5. I can't tell. Is there actually water in the pool in the living room?
  6. I thought these Russians were great drinkers...*hic*...it's barely 9pm on New Years and they're all asleep!!! wtf...amateurs.
  7. I so needed to see Mira's pussy tonight...I was so close.
  8. It is not possible to take a bad picture of you.
  9. What, and leave my basement unguarded? I think not Monsieur.
  10. Awesome, super hot caps Sparkles, Jabbath and the others! Well done. This MMFFF etc etc is a refreshing change.
  11. Yeah, speaking of shrinkage... But Amy is right. We aren't all built like gods and goddesses.
  12. Oh my goodness Clara...Are you sure you don't want me to come over and help you with that?
  13. Yep...I will miss Leora and the rest, but I wont miss a minute of sleep over this. As the dolphins said as they left planet earth, "goodbye and thanks for all the fish"
  14. What do you know please? I'm intrigued with this interaction...it looks like real drama
  15. I feel shame that all I can think about is this bastard gets all of this sweet pussy and he isn't on his hands and knees like I...I'm not proud of this...would be...
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