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  1. Hi Ash,I know some of their songs and this came up in a Hard rock/Metal quiz night in my local pub and in my obscure way of thinking I thought about setting you the question.I kind of thought it would be before your time like me but we'll I went for it.Nutty Eh. And yes I like metal music.You never know I might hit you with something more up to date sometime.
  2. Is this a George Apt.
  3. Bonaly

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    I think we should should call this house The mystery house.It is a mystery to me how it is still open😀
  4. Hi Ash,Can you name an AC/DC song with a VH participants name in the title.Remember Googling is cheating.PS just hope you know something about the band😀😀
  5. Bonaly

    Mary (2019) Part #1

    Yeh,there is definitely a fair bit of history their,a good bit more with Grisha though.Still it is Maria's choice.Is it Maria or Mary.When I first watched her ages ago it was Maria?Any info.?
  6. Bonaly

    Mary (2019) Part #1

    I suppose so but it just shows you that you can take different routes that still take you to the Same destination.
  7. The perfect place for a foursome NOT!!
  8. They are called panoramic bullet points😀😀
  9. Bonaly

    Mary (2019) Part #1

    Well what can I say.Has she had a falling out with Grisha?
  10. Bonaly

    Mary (2019) Part #1

    Cheers for that,yehI know what you mean by mansion I remember it but for all that it always seemed to be a happy welcoming busy house but since then she has definitely toned it down.It's absolutely fine to be with your partner but I think she could have a few friends in now and again.PS as long as Tony stays away.Do you think Freddy had problems?I am feeling a bit guilty now.
  11. Bonaly

    Alan (2019) Part #1

    All I can think is that George is involved and there is an ulterior motive.After all George visited Rosie recently to we assume give her a pep talk so where is his visit to Alan's for his.They both must be losing him income.Of course I cannot speak the lingo so I don't know what was actually said.
  12. Bonaly

    Mary (2019) Part #1

    Hi Just,From what I can remember the flat I saw them in had upstairs with at least one room.I got fed up searching the archive for it.I must admit I felt sorry for Freddy,I think the guy had problems but as I said already M was kind to him.Freddy would just wander in when M&G were obviously about to get it on but they would just stop.A nice respectful touch I thought.
  13. Bonaly

    Mary (2019) Part #1

    Thanks for that
  14. Hi Ash Scotland calling nice too see you are still on form,always good for a laugh.I'm telling you,you should try writing erotica or even sex therapy,you would be a blast.I don't know if others take you serious but I think you are as funny as fuck.I do know that you can be serious when the need arises.Cheers .PS I've not heard from Let's for a while ?
  15. Bonaly

    Mary (2019) Part #1

    Yeh in her first Apt.with Grisha there always seemed to be lots of visitors and parties(not always sexual)and it just seemed interesting to watch.She is a very welcoming and friendly happy person.Can you tell me Re: Maria's first Apt.Who was the guy who appeared to have some sort of learning disability that Maria was always so kind to.If I remember correctly he wore glasses and had long hair.I hope I have not been indelicate here.