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Anastasia, Lexy & Pete Part #1

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Guest hacıvat
4 minutes ago, belette6901 said:

if Anastasia come in house to lexy and pete the trouble start she not a good friend she like trouble 


she does not like trouble. all troubles find anastasia. she has bad luck. who likes trouble? she ll be fine with lexy and pete. but not sure lexy and pete ll be fine with her boyfriends..

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Anastasia's dream is a family live  She  reached   that with some partners but you know the results  with Rock  she finished like punching ball  and Eli let her without money and without nothing. Anastasia is too kind and fall  quickly in love and easy manipulated .Now she takes resolution  to better know  the guys before engagement. We can help her by our comments regarding who  tries to seduce her.(she is member of CC) .

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What a hecatomb at A & A!
Weariness, desire to build another life, new strategy of A & A, VHTV order, .. ????
In any case, the void is done.
L & P can sing "I will survive".
I would have liked fireworks between them all to put the finishing point.

The archives will turn out thoroughly !!

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