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5 hours ago, Coffee94 said:

Obviously I do not know Calvin well, so my comment is more an impression ļ»æthan a "truth". Calvin is a follower, very shy, trend submissive. I think he's already very happy to be with Ruby and that Ruby is going with her.
I even think that a visit to Lola & Otto would teach us even more about Calvin (to the delight of Otto).

He's a good little guy, a little lost ....

no, i donā€˜tĀ think so, the submissive nature has no objections or upset and sad feelings, he in love with her so he afraid to lose her and accepting of her rudeĀ behavior because he knows that she can kick him out hvtv any time! and she uses that to control him for her benefitsĀ Ā 

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Il y a 12 heures, DARKJOKER666 a ditĀ :

lol out of context and not knowing that @nicsjomwas making a comment about the camera angle, its one of the most hilariously accurately perfect descriptions of a screenshot. Followed by an ominous "And we shall see more..."


the cam was moved accidently during the move of PeteĀ  (computer from bedroom to corner in Livingroom yesterday around17:43 (timeline Livingroom)

the correction of angle was made around 23:31 ( timeline Livingroom)

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