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Melissa & Sergio, Krista & Andrew (2019) Part #2


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17 hours ago, letsdothis said:

Well now, in addition to math, CC, "voyeurism" and being perverts, we also
have something else in common.

I have also been to King's Dominion, several times, but not in many years.
The last time I was there, I rode every coaster save for one. At that time, 
I think there were 12-15 coasters, if I remember correctly. This was likely
close to 25-30 years ago. My kids were still kids, not even teenagers.

Anyway, by the time I got to the last coaster, my body was so beat up
from being tossed around and I was so tired and exhausted from holding
on and overall muscle tension, that I just wanted a long, hot bath, a really
good and a really long massage and a soft bed to sink into. I felt like I'd
been exercising for days, nonstop. But it was still great fun!

Those are 5 great things to have in common! Withall your aches and pains, and fatigue,it was Iworth it though, wasn't it?! Thay have a 14 now. I just looked it up. Was this beauty there when you went? Intimidator 305, I almost died getting to the top. the rest of it was pure fun! 

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In recent times Melissa and Sergio seem to me a bit apathetic.
The parties in their house are often monotonous and boring and Melissa spends lot of time time on the phone or sleeping instead of socializing.
I don't know why but I doubt that they will soon leave the program.

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