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B4 Girls on Vacation - General Topic 2019 - September #2

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After tonight, I think we can safely say that B4 will be boring without Damira. Everyone was just hovering around her waiting for her to kick things off. Apart from an overly drunk and exhibitionistic Holly, the other girls did nothing. Megan logged off at an 8 yo's bed time as usual, Anabella and Debby couldn't organize sex in a brothel, and the B1 girls are more suited to tease play to the camera (nothing wrong with that, btw).

I could be wrong and the other girls realize they need to step the fuck up, but I doubt it. They will lose their number one show catalyst and will revert to nibbling fruit in the bathtub and the odd fingering here and there.

RLC will lose their best ever participant in Damira, until (if) she decides to return. I lost track of how many girls (and boys) she hooked up with, more noteworthy is that she had a string of firsts on her resume. There was little to no drama or bullshit, always wearing a mischievous smile, sometimes not much else. Always seemingly without a care in the world, and always pedal-to-the-metal action when showtime came around.

Fuck, I'm going to miss her...

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