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Nina & Kira (2019) Part #3a

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Last news, Kira just "reassured" me: I thought she was going to work, but she's only going to see her doctor. It is not appendicitis. She will have to undergo an intervention shortly and she is under medical control.

That's all folks!

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il y a 2 minutes, Kjeld Carlsen a dit :

Home at 19:16 - Left again with a small suitcase 21:41

The small suitcase, the shiny gold coloured one, I think, is a make-up case.  They usually take that out with them when they are "performing", which I find incredulous if Kira is not well.

Maybe that is what they were disagreeing about earlier.   I hope I'm wrong.  If anyone knows any different then I will happily be put right on this.

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What the hell?  I hit the road for a week and come home to find my baby girl is ill?  I'm never leaving you all in charge again!  

Seriously though, this is very bizarre and unsettling.  I do not like seeing Kira like this, and it has been a long time since the last time I have, which was back on RLC.  

@jouandomy what do you mean by "intervention"?  I hope you mean something different than what intervention means here in the USA.  

I am very worried  😟 


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0530, they are finally home.  Kira, as usual, whips up a quick snack of chopped veggies with perhaps a tzatziki sauce?  I sure hope there is no work tomorrow, but she looks okay this morning.  It sounds like they are watching a humorous Russian soap opera.  


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