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Leora, Malia General Chat Topic #12 February 2020


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very good morning leora and malia
good morning everyone
very good afternoon everyone
very good night everyone
have a great happy day with joy

muito bom dia leora e maila
bom Dia a todos
muito boa tarde a todos
muito boa noite a todos
tenha um ótimo dia feliz com alegria

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Autant j'apprécie Leora pour son anticonformiste, sa liberté d'agir quand bon lui semble, son sourire coquin....Autant je pense qu'elle fait une année de trop sur ce site.

Ses bates ne sont plus comme dans l'ancien appartement, je sens moins de désir, moins de coquineries, elle faisait cela pour son plaisir et le notre, alors que maintenant elle semble faire cela comme obligation.

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  It has been noticed that evidently there was an intriguingly interesting occasion that occurred at the residence recently with a woman of certain quite appealing attractiveness.

  The occasion certainly seemed to again add an additional aspect of intriguing interest at the residence that had seemed to have been missing for awhile.

  The occasion seemed intriguingly interesting in noticing that a new personal friend had been acquired, and was invited out for some participation in some sensual and intimate activity on a quest of personal enjoyment and achievement of sensual satisfaction.

  It seemed to be a welcomed change to what had seemed to be some time of repetative activty and occurrences at the residence for awhile lately.

  The occasion would have highly likely been even more so interesting, if the newly acquired personal friend's participation activities would have been able to be observed even more so than it seemed was, such as perhaps somewhat improved or more clear views of observations during some of participation activities.

   Regardless, as earlier stated, the privilege of observation of the occasion was a welcomed and quite interesting change to what had only seemed to be occurring at the residence for awhile lately.

   She certainly is such an attractive woman !   

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