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Leora, Malia General Chat Topic #30 2020 May

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4 hours ago, Calle said:

I do not understand why some of you guys suggest that Leora works. Or do you mean her RLC work, bating and being naked for us? I very much doubt if any RLC tenant has any other work than living and arranging shows at RLC apartments. It is funny that some of them are called "on vacation". Vacation from what?

Everything about RLC is funny, hilarious in fact!  None of these tenants work other than having something that they may do on the side like making dolls or paintings etc. etc..  No employer is going to let their employee's have 3 to 6 months off to participate on a porn site and for anyone to even question that is just down right lacking in brain cells!!

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2 hours ago, Nicholas said:

   That is in fact what quite a few in essence mean, when referring to a number of the project participants. That and having agreed to be a participant in living in the presence of cams whenever any of them are there. After all...a number of them do engage in performances ever so often, and some even more often so than others.   Otherwise, other than matters of resident/residence cleaning chores ever so often...there is not much else that is actually work in the literal sense or meaning. 

   Perhaps something some of them may be on vacation from...is actual and genuine work.

Sorry, I have to respectfully disagree...no employer would allow them to be on vacation for 3 to 6 months!!

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54 minutes ago, jimbo4 said:

Personally I don’t care if it was the greatest Oscar winning performance ever in the history of acting.As a sometimes critic of Leora I thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn’t care to analyse it for whether there was genuine emotion or falseness ...What I did appreciate was that it was different to what had been occurring, it broke the boredom of repetition.

It’s those little variations  that can make a difference to the viewers perception...Yes it may well be an act, and yes she no doubt doesn’t give a rats arse about us ( why should she ) and yes she might be getting paid exorbitant amounts of money to coax us into renewing membership. When we individually get tired of her actions we know what we can do...that’s our choice!

But little things, like licking her tits, making her panties moist for us to view, or just breaking the routine is really all she needs to do..It’s not Nuclear  Science  for fucks sake. 

As for the acting, well we’ve probably all had relationships where if we were that honest we may not have performed to our full potential at times, and the partner would make us feel like a super stud, how’s that for acting.

I believe myself to be a fair critic of Leora, if she is in my opinion underperforming I’m one of the first to state it.( and not without critics ) but when she does in my eyes do something or creates  a situation that I find pleasing I am also one of the first to applaud her..

We all as individuals have different likes/dislikes and opinions or interpretations of the same situation, that’s what makes life so interesting. Some folks are contented with everything, others want more for their Dollar /Pound / Euro...Wouldn’t  life itself be boring and repetitive if we all thought alike?😺

That's the bottom line and I can't see how anyone that has been a follower of Leora since she arrived on the set could see it any differently!!

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