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US General Domestic Politics #23 Begins 06/28/21.

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bill tried to save the country because he had so much integrity & stuff. 


In The Atlantic, journalist Jonathan Karl gives us a short look at Trump attorney general William Barr's last weeks in power according to William Barr himself, who was kind enough to grace Karl with a series of...


tenor - 2021-06-12T034101.946.gif

tenor - 2021-06-12T034140.986.gif

tenor - 2021-06-28T084313.757.gif

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Demon-crats are always blaming the gun 🔫 for all the problems in their city, but Republicans cities don't have those problems so it seems that either the problems in the Demon-crats cities are the politicians or the people that live in Demon-crats cities 🤔

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