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Masha - Home activities #17


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three of the boys were amused by the contents of the trash can in the bedroom.
They were probably used condoms from the night before last 😁🤭😉

The hairdresser quickly emptied the trash can😳

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nothing is broken
no failures due to drunkenness,
the hairdresser can no longer stand upright,
No known noise pollution
the cats come out of their hiding place
Let's see if the guest toilet has withstood the heavy use

a successful party😁

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il y a 4 minutes, ed2 a dit :

Amazing party with several nice guests! 🥳

Two average sized women and one fat lady! I loved all three! 😍

Our beloved hairdresser rules! 🤘🏽

shes more active then all of the gov girls. Send her to barca.

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