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I read posts about a second villa close to B4.  I have my own theory about that. 

I doubt it that there is a second villa because I think that B4 is worth about 1 - 1.5 Million Euros and I don't think that RLC is willing or having another one million euros or more to buy another villa in this upscale neighbourhood or RLC will pay very high rent if they renting this second villa.  If RLC has this kind of cash and willing to spend it, they would have  opened few more apartments.  

My theory is that it can be a guest house attached to the villa (that we didn't know about before) and where Nelly & Bogdan live and this would explain where Bogdan used to disappear for few days when he stayed at B4 in 2020 and 2021.

Bogdan & Nelly used to live rent free when they were at B4. If they are renting a separate apartment that is not part of RLC's apartments, that means Bogdan has to pay for the rent and utilities from his RLC salary.  This guest house is where I think Nana stayed for few days after she left B1 and before she went back to Ukraine.  

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