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B4 - General Topic 2022 #33 (March / April)

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As a very good friend has said ( maybe he appears to confirm 😊 ) , the problem of the villa is clearly Holly and Loraine .Itmis funny that Fior is the guy who helps with the transportation and obviously other minor things , Holly got the help by RLC to return and on a day that a 90% gathering it is happening , they chose their own outside activities .Of course it is good that they don’t seem to care about other tenants opinions , but the mega show archorchestrstor Loraine can’t stand her personal life problems and Holly is there just to mentor Tweety . Everyone is trying to get to know the others in these rare gatherings , Fior has been a decent guy who has been there whenever the girls need him but of course Holly and Loraine have netter things to do rather than for once spend the day with the fellow colleagues .


Bonus 😂🤣😂🤣 It will take many tries from people to make me alternate my “ personal reality created “ 😂🤣 that Rus likes Ulyana ..

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