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CamCaps having issues

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I have 78,087 posts each post is 5 points & each thread started is like 20 points, my point count is 293,570. If you multiply 78,051 post x 5 points I would have 390,435 & that's not even counting all the thread i've started, I've been noticing my points doesn't increase like it should.

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I think there are many others that have the same problem.  It just doesn't get mentioned or many just do not notice.  

The points thing is just an application which is a plug-in developed by other Third-Party Software Developers and is not an actual application installed with the Forum Software directly. Each time the Forum Software is upgraded to newer versions there are some things such as plug-ins that become no longer compatible. They'll function in some form but not as it should be. It's up to the Third-Party Developer to keep their applications updated as changes to the software sometimes affect the way the plug-ins work.  What worked with Versions 4.3, 4,4, 4.5 or 4.6 of the Forum Software may not be compatible with the recent version of 4.7.  Even Cam Caps had to make some changes in order to update to the newest version 4.7. The PHP had to be updated to PHP8 in order for Cam Caps to receive the update.  Now the Third-Party Developers of Applications need to update their applications to be compatible with PHP8 if it applies to their applications.

Plug-ins are almost similar as Computer Hardware they call Plug & Play.  Just plug them in and pray that they work.  

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