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B4 - General Topic 2023 #25 (April)

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Party continues … need to repeat myself as of being extremely excited … Ashley and Gloria ARE ALREADY THE NEW RLC BARCELONA STARS … kudos and respect to anyone who discovered them , can’t understand how difficult is to find such girls … these two will provide endless fun . 

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Ulfolk said:

Back in the days, you mean Russia days? I imagine it's because there was more willing girls. Now that the apartments have changed locations, there is no longer the privilege of choosing in the same way as before. What remains a mystery to me is even with this change location why always Russian and Ukrainian? It narrows down even more the girls they could bring, not to mention it's hard to have something new because seems like even the new girls are always the same girls.

You're right about Russia I think. 

I'm pretty sure it's mostly Russians and Ukrainians because they are among the poorest in Europe,

so wages are very low. Unfortunately most people here can't understand anything they say, 

so the voyeur thing is not as good as when Taylor was around, and forced people to speak English.

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