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B4 - General Topic 2023 #65 (November)

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   16 minutes ago,  ddhm said: 

Serious was sarcastic as they weren’t “ engaging “ in any action as soon as they sat down . Wolf has proven himself numerous times and that’s why there are comments about him and Margo . Neytiri is a protege of him as we saw since Day 1 and Sara , well , she is Sara , one of the biggest veterans ever . 

F*cking Ulyana, Sara, and Margo is not really an achievement. 

So , these three girls for you aren’t gorgeous enough or you consider them easy and that’s why wouldn’t be an achievement for you to have them ? 

Ulyana is 6 years with RLC and the first time single . She hasn’t done much with other guys according to the time she spent on cameras . She had repeatedly sex with Wolf because I think she likes the guy . Margo hadn’t anyone else apart from repeating sex with Wolf also because I think she likes him and ( I think also ) she has feelings for him . As for Sara , she’s the veteran and she lives the WAT SHE WISHES . She wanted dick and she had Wolf .


If those aren’t accomplishments ( fucking in short time excellent gorgeous women ) then I don’t know for us men what we should consider an achievement . For me , as a man , the achievement in life is to fuck as many as possible and I have done without complains . The achievement gets more more value considering two extra things , first , how beautiful the girls are and second , the quality of sex . Now , with the visual experience we have , I think that it was then an achievement


But let’s leave the previous . For me it is an achievement BECAUSE this guy didn’t only fuck them BUT HE DID in threesomes . Now  , if this for you is easy , for me it isn’t 😄.. I have done threesomes but in a course of 20+’u years and not in some weeks like this guy . And if a  threesome with Ulyana ( never done before ) or Sara ( never done before ) and Margo who is cameras newcomer haven’t been achievements , then we disagree 😊

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