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Vote to ban pintrippy and his stupid non working spam.


Ban pintrippy?  

13 members have voted

  1. 1. Ban pintrippy?

    • ban him!
    • ban him and his mother!
    • ban him, his mother and father!
    • ban him, his mother, father and his siblings!
    • ban his whole incestious little village!

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Hey, I just noticed your stars turned blue.  Very pretty.    And a Global Moderator no less. 

I think it's great!    I think they should add a new red star, like a notch in the handle of a gun, every time you trounce someone.    Preferably a liberal.    ;D

I know, I know,.. You have to play by the rules.  'Wink wink'    ;)

Just kidding.


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oh shut up  ::)


This little asshat troll continues to post his SPAM in every thread he can, and it's annoying as shit.

How about we ban you for posting a dumbass poll?

After this latest bout of spam from pintrippy, I was about to vote in your poll to ban the guy...even though the link he gave is quite useful while it lasts.

But you telling me to shut up made me decide NOT to vote in your dumbass poll. 

Instead of telling me to shut up, you would be better served by asking me why I think it's dumbass.  That way, you'll learn something.

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