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Voronezh - Split 2


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So now it seams that voronezh is the fully scripted apartment. … First: The thing between Petra and Phil was obviously planned. I hope that's clear to everyone. BTW, Nice pattern: He was again in the shower as the service arived. ;) … Secondly: No idea why I am the only one who also see that the thing between Messa and Nastya is  to fast to be non scripted. I could also imagine that they are alredy a real couple who is staged as singles by VV.

Now it is the second day in a row, that Tver affects to be more real than ever. We have Akria and Charlie who are obviously a real couple. And we have Anna who for whatever reason seams to like to have sex with Ivorian. And Ivorian seams to be Ivorian, who I now sort as pathologically. ;) But more importantly, the group dynamics works and looks realistic.

Strange. … Currently, I like to watch Tver again. .. Voronezh, not so. :(

Importend: This text contains many assumptions and opinions and does not necessarily represent the reality.

Edit: Maybe not a real couple.

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i think what vv needs to do is not allow people from other apt.in the other ones.if petra has sex games in her apt.then it should be in her apt.and not bring it over to phils apt.that way they each have there own privacy and we wont see ivor trying to have sex with these new girls and phil and undertaker will have there pick on who they are going to have sex with.im glad anna left this apt.

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Well whatever the reason, it seems for now that Phil and Petra have slowed down or stopped fooling around. With no sex, at least not yet.

qu'est ce que petra fiche avec se peine a jouir de phil !!! et l'autre messa qui se débrouille comme un manche on dirai qu'il a une vraie main gauche la petite Nastya en veux mais l'autre il s'est pas ou il est ! non de la mais qu'est ce qui m'a fichu une équipe pareil j'en voudrai même pas dans mon lit de ses deux guignols

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Tu n'as rien compris.

Petra c'est la chef, c'est la représentante de V V sur place.

Ivor baise avec qui veut tant que Petra ne le lui interdit pas et là il s'écrase.

Petra c'est la chef qui vient faire passer un test à Phil pour comprendre qu'est-ce qui ne va pas, ou il s'améliore ou il est lourdé.

Dans ces appartements il n'y a que des acteurs (professionnels ou amateurs sans domicile) qui obéissent aux ordres.

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