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Vanessa & Thomas ~ General Chat For This Apartment October 01,2016. to November 30,2016.


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This Thread is for the General Chat for this Apartment


This Thread is for General Chat for This Apartment. If you have any Pictures or Videos of this Apartment and the Surroundings Please place them in their Proper Threads.

Please stay on the Topic. Any Off Topic Comments or Quotes will be removed.

Example:   If Kristy and Her BF are getting it on then it is to be discussed in the Proper Thread that it takes place in or the Time when someone goes to sleep or wakes Report that in their Proper Threads.

If you're going to chat about anything other than the Apartment. Please use the Proper Threads for that Subject.

If there isn't a Subject, Please make one.


Please Note: Everyone has the right to express their opinions and to be heard.

Not everyone is going to share that same opinion and everyone has the right to express themselves in a Respectful Manner.

Do not attack another Members Comments and/or Quotes just because you don't share the same Views.

Any Derogatory Comments Will be Removed.



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6 minutes ago, tripod2 said:

Cubierta sexo otra vez.  :angry:

Ahora que A & K se han ido, estos dos son a la altura de D & D para el peor apartamento.

Lo de esta pareja es ridículo y una falta de respeto total hacia el abonado, apartamento vació todo el día, lo abandonan por días cuando les da la gana, y si esto no es suficiente se esconden de las cámaras, un esperpento de pareja que no entiendo como no hace tiempo que tendrían que estar en la calle

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