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VH Funnies #1

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6 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

Sure, maybe not to them, but to "us" it's absolutely fucking hilarious! Too bad you don't see the humor in it.

We could put the gifs of alex pushing Anna on the floor or even when he hits her, because it must be fucking hilarious for someone

This is called domestic violence in any case even if Mira is not hurting

so sorry i don't see the humor in it because nobody laughs after that

it's just my thought anyway 

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2 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

I'm sure this isn't funny to them ether, but it sure is to "us".

Ok, just delete the thread debbie downer! Geez, lighten up. :confused:

Your idea is nice but I think this is not the best example to take

I am surprised that you are taken this one then you are a feminist 

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