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  1. Hahaha at least u can admit it! Nothing wrong with having a change of heart! 😘
  2. Hmmm all the people who said they would never watch Zack again a few months back. 🤔🤔🤔
  3. Must have had too many other similar debates regarding the name
  4. I’m not conpairing. Just wondered why does she always get a free pass from the same people over and over
  5. I don’t condone violence at all. Was only pointing out that people give ruby a pass but when a man does it, all hell breaks loose, tickets are sent and people call for the closure of the apartment.
  6. Sorry I’m not going to read all that. Agree to disagree?
  7. He really should leave. Once ruby’s time with the “project” is done, he will be kicked right to the curb anyhow.
  8. Not like comparing Adolf hitler to say, some other dictators?
  9. But then u say “other than that, she did nothing wrong”. That’s kind of defending her don’t u think? Like “ other than Romeo beating the shit out of Gloria” he did nothing else wrong”.
  10. I don’t really understand all the excuses people are always making about this girl. Always the same people who never thinks she does anything wrong. She could take a shit in Calvin’s mouth when he’s asleep and all the same people would somehow defend it. “Oh, Calvin can leave anytime he wants to” 🙄🙄🙄
  11. So everyone thinks it’s ok for ruby to slap Calvin, scream at him and throw water on him, but if he did that to her, all the same people would be having a meltdown asking for him to be removed immediately. Smh.
  12. Not really sure what the allure is with these girls. Are they escorts or something? Also, the men they fuck, just gross....
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