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  1. At7

    Kathy & Molly

    Well that’s probably true. I’m sure I’m giving Andrew way too much credit hahaha
  2. At7

    Kathy & Molly

    Yes I would have loved him!!! Too bad kate was lame and picked some temporary porn job and not real love. Unless she really did not care about him! Which I’m assuming was the case.
  3. At7

    Kathy & Molly

    Obviously hard to find that on vh lol! But ya never know!!!!
  4. At7

    Kathy & Molly

    Not always! I love good looking men and muscles aren’t always included. Cute faces and personalities! And charisma!!!
  5. At7

    Kathy & Molly

    I need some hot men to watch. That’s been lacking recently, but I still hope for it 😋
  6. At7

    Kathy & Molly

    Awesome! Missed them all!!
  7. At7

    Here we piss and moan about CC Mods

    I love you
  8. At7

    Hunter & Piper

    What else do you have????? Keep them coming I love it
  9. At7

    Hunter & Piper

    No problem with disagreeing. But getting nasty is just silly
  10. At7

    Hunter & Piper

    Lol uhhhh keep going with your 1990 quotations! This is a fucking porn site. No need to argue lol!!!!! It’s not that serious
  11. At7

    Hunter & Piper

    We don’t all have to like the same things! This is a forum!
  12. At7

    Hunter & Piper

    Why so hostile? We are all entitled to our own opinions! No need to insult one another for having a different opinion?
  13. At7

    Hunter & Piper

    Well yeah that lol and I agree, her personality. She does always seem to be on something and maybe a little too full of herself. It doesn’t come off in a very appealing manner.