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  1. At7

    Molly & Jeff

    Wtf? Is that a brain popping out of her vagina? 😦
  2. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    I’m surprised jade came back for more so quickly. I thought she might have been upset with Zack for having messed around with the other girls the last couple of days. Especially since she looks like she has developed feelings for him. She should make him wear a condom if she isn’t.
  3. At7

    Cleo & Axel Part 2

    Oh wow, I’m actually surprised! That’s too bad for them. They are married too. After the whole Whitney thing, they just never seemed happy.
  4. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    Lol could be that too. Either way, something hot is gonna happen 👍
  5. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    I feel like drunkenly, or stupidly, these guys put the ski masks on knowing they are gonna fuck Selma. And then they could always deny it afterwards to whichever girl lol . Kind of like when zack became more serious with jade, he put on a ski mask and then fucked Courtney. Just my opinion
  6. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    I know, I remember her with zack and then with him and blonde together. I like her with them. But, I’m sure jade won’t be happy because she wants to be with Zack in a relationship. And of course I feel bad for her in that aspect. But really, falling for a guy in this type of business this young, he won’t be faithful. Wouldn’t expect him to be. I guess, as long as jade doesn’t mind....don’t know if that is the case though
  7. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    Oh boy! It is super hot and way more entertaining....but....jade won’t be happy. I think if all they care about is money, Selma should move in and fuck both zack and blonde . They would make a fortune if they wanted. But if Zach cares about jade, he will stop and get it together. Selfishly, I like seeing them with Selma. But I also feel bad for jade. She seems quite sweet
  8. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    She is sexy and comfortable there. Obviously, she is in the wrong house!
  9. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    Selma is there? Zach is gonna be in so much trouble. Lol!!!!
  10. At7

    Scarlet & Garry

    Wonder if Tiffany is officially moving in. And where did she come from all of a sudden, I’m curious. She never came over before so I wonder if she is an actual friend or maybe “recruited”.
  11. At7

    Cleo & Axel Part 2

    I actually don’t think they left. I saw they took some packed bags but they were both dressed in all black and she was all dressed up so my guess would be they went to a funeral and are maybe staying the night somewhere. Because their cat is still there and laptop.
  12. At7

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    Oh so you mean he hasn’t shown motivation to be with her?
  13. At7

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    I don’t really watch this couple much but curious why does she need to move? I see she has some kind of health issue but aren’t they a real couple? Why can’t they leave together or go offline for now?
  14. Agree. They don’t seem to interact at all and seem uncomfortable around one another
  15. At7

    Zack & Blonde

    Open now lol