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  1. A good choice. I support. I wonder if those who are surprised to go into any search engine and search with "voyeur-house.tv sex videos clara and stas" tag and see where the event is already. If it was not forbidden to link in the forum it could do it. The complaint may result, the content is removed but it can never be deleted from a computer's disk without the request of the owner. And there is no guarantee that they will not be published again after years. Maybe years later, there will not be a VHTV and you will not even have the money to hire a lawyer. Example @LayneMika, do you remember this couple? They were an amazing couple. I think their babies are born and they leave home. Why would someone accept a donation? Edit: I think as a man in the world of commerce, finance and law, it is stupid to take such a great risk if you are not in a very difficult situation. If they take such a risk as a young couple, it should be a satisfying benefit.
  2. Here's exactly what I want to draw your attention to. Two things are important here. The attitude of the players and the attitude of the publisher. By the publisher I do not mean DH2995. DH is just the tool. If VHTV is a +18 broadcasting site, it has taken its precaution according to international law. It's a shame to showers if they did not. the player has accepted and signed the contract. My regret is that the +18 content, like "real life", is spreading on the internet. What do I want? to do what they promised in the FAQ section of the site. Which people in real life love so often? Or which of you have experienced "legendary" group sex? The only reason I consulted DH2995 was to get those pictures from the screen and make the effort to upload them. Otherwise, of course I know your owner is not him. I reacted a lot to this couple yesterday. The reason is that this job is longer than necessary. If their real life is this, they will continue. If not, they will think and do it. The other houses see these houses as taboos they do not see. If they really are, they love each other. But if the race wins this materiality, we will have many "legendary" shows. perhaps including the death of a promising love.
  3. I apologize if I was rude. I now expect any surprise from this couple. they have a different understanding of ambition.
  4. I wrote golfer06's "the possible 3some became a total waste & i hope" tom "stays away". I forgot to quote. Is that clear? What did we discuss here today from the morning? are you in the cave today ??? Brief summary for you: I have always believed that Clara can not be with someone other than Stas. If we do not remember the Tim & Clara disaster. And now I have joined among those who want to watch multiple sex. Has there been some idea?
  5. They're doing what I want to see in that bed right now. They are not created for threesome or foursome sex. Email the Vhtv Manager for more. Maybe they'll update the version. or increase the prices and develop an ultra full membership
  6. I am sorry that this is the most interesting subject of your interest in my writing today. Do you know "allusion or allegorize"? That sentence contains allusion heavily. Relax, I'm not different from other people reading this forum or following VHTV :)
  7. what are the things you do not accept when I write them, if it's okay for you? Okay, I will not argue with you. But I'd like to know if I have an idea that I'm wrong.
  8. Ok no problem. Thanks for the past. You're a unique archival source on this forum.
  9. did you catch your attention? Clara still did not RT the VHTV last night. Why are they afraid ... "There is no ugly woman, there is less vodka." even the old half of the russian encouragement is unfortunately vodka-based. The other half is Clara's unpredictable high libido ... You record their past videos, keep screenshots because they will be erased again. Edit: I saved the pictures. I think about making a collage from these pictures in the evening. With dh2995 additives.
  10. thanks amy3. Unfortunately, this is not the definition of making money for labor. It's just professional acting. I now understand better why men in my country have so much choice for sex tourism in this country. I did a detailed analysis of the Ukrainian economy. I just did it to understand them. Even if they hate me after I wrote them, I understand them. They sacrifice their youth and beauty to savage capitalism.
  11. I do not think Stas is bisex, but I can think of it if it's so close to Tom. You see, Stas can share her girlfriend with Tom. For what it's worth, a little more watch hit. Maybe the VHTV show manager wanted it. Even if it's not with Tom, I add that request list machine and Stas. lol .. Clara retweets every VHTV tweet about them, could she have forgotten it? Or will it be erased again? Is Stas Tom hugging too hot?
  12. Yes, I want to see Clara hooked up with a rope and have both anal and oral vaginal sex with two or more men at the same time. Then I want to watch everyone emptying their sperm into her face at the same time. Please do not be Tom in these guys. It would be more appropriate to consider Tom and Stas in a separate show. I will be a full member next week. I will do it despite everything. If I can not see what I think I will cancel my membership
  13. St4b the french man you were right in the past .. I defended that girl unnecessarily against you .. This girl deserves more. Stas can share her girlfriend with her best friend. They have only seen love in movies. From now on, I will be using the words "group sex, intrigue, double penetreation" instead of "love, loyalty, jealousy" under this topic. Clara was mad at me when I claimed that they were a scenario in the past. But now I nominate them for AVN 2018 awards. I'm sure they will get a prize in every category. Maybe I'm the only one on this forum who thinks they're just having sex with each other. I was looking for pure, true love that did not smell pornography. I'm starting to think that I found it. Proof that their love is not real: no jealousy, no fighting occasionally, no romance other than having sex in the dark, no tears. I would nominate them to Oscar instead of AVN awards.
  14. No need for this machine. If Stas asked Clara to do it, Clara would do it with pleasure. I think "bomb has planted" ,💣 Edit: I'm not biseksuel or gay, but I respect them, and of course Stas's choice