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  1. Her IG account went private when she came to B1
  2. I have been keeping up with her outside of RLC don't think she has a boyfriend anymore.
  3. You are full of shit, for years everybody called Kamila the Queen of RLC. I was a fan of anabel just telling how it was
  4. Double bullshit, All the people on CamCaps bitched about Kristy for years hiding everything she done. Till she thought she was going to be put out on the street, then she started doing everything trying to keep her apartment.
  5. You are dead on Ridge, it has not been the same without Kami
  6. With the new girls looks like RLC is going back to the old times like when I started watching back in 2015, instead of all the false shows, a lot of rubbing with not much sex, that's when it was good. The girls kept you wondering if they might do a little bit more. When Kamila and Kristy were rubbing on each other in the BI apartment, that was RLC'S highest ratings. They were the Queens of RLC. It was reallife then not in the last year or two, only shows
  7. Mindy reminds me of Amy, both could have been great for RLC, if they had opened up a little. Both were very nice looking girls.
  8. Has anyone seen any workers in the apartment since the room was closed
  9. I don't think Amber is going to do anything, she is in the way. She is like Fiby all she does is talk. Aria and Naomi were getting going pretty good till she came in and fucked it up. I think Amber is the one that wants to go outside the apartment, and to the balcony.
  10. I agree with you 100%, that's what this project started out as, before everyone wanted to turn it into a porn site that's why we had to pay for it, porn sites are free. I have been watching since 2014, I miss the old ways watching Kamila and Kristy rubbing on each other, it brought you back each day, wondering if they would do a little more the next day. Not put on the fake shows we have now.
  11. She was for a long time, to people started saying bad things about her and she shut it down. Just like you are me would.
  12. No I don't like them either, I always loved Kamila and Kristy for years, but to see what she did at the end just to keep the apartment, really turned me against her.
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