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  1. Thanks Noldus, does anyone no where Ariana has gone for the night
  2. I agree with you she is the best on there now, and one of the all time best, I also like Little Amy, she had always been so shy.
  3. She had the best bate I have seen in the 5 years that I have watched RLC. She started cumming and it just keep poring out, very few times when the girls get off you don't see anything. just a lot of noise and acting
  4. Where in the Hell is Hugo when she needs him to take care of the guest girl.
  5. I still keep up with Kamila, she just took a vacation last week from Moscow to Turkey, so the flights may be opening up some now.
  6. I don't think it is her fault, she seems horny a good bit of the time, he is to damn lazy to fuck her.
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