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  1. Yea, Kelly would be great, but I read somewhere she had a child
  2. Plus - maybe with Kristy and get them back together, could save RLC
  3. RLC needs to bring back Kamila, I know a lot of us would like to see that
  4. She put on a photo today of airplane, with comment, Bye
  5. are a third hand, or maybe Harley he could help her out
  6. You have to feel sorry for Aria she has to work so hard to get off on her bates
  7. You are dead on, that's so much better than girls coming in and putting on shows to start with
  8. Harley, You no what I like on RLC, is the real shy girls that you have to give them time to get used to the cameras and loosen up. It is reallife instead of the girls coming in and doing shows from the start. It is why I liked Kamila so much, she was different than most girls on RLC.
  9. I think you are dead on. She is a more sexy lady than what we have seen.
  10. Well Harley I was wrong, that might be the 1st time someone has been wrong on here
  11. I am not hoping for it, just made a statement. Kristy is not one of my favorite people
  12. Irma has got everybody she wanted so far, will just have to wait and see. Not sure how Kristy will react
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