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  1. i find it strange that we cannot post pictures here on a closed members site,but now videos of past and present tenants now showing up on xhamster.
  2. Tula Apartment - Split 3

  3. Tula Apartment - Split 3

  4. Tula Apartment - Split 3

  5. Tula Apartment - Split 3

  6. Tula Apartment - Split 3

  7. Viki & Kate Part #1

    i think you and amy already do have cyber technology in you,from i have been here you two have been the voice of rational thinking,whilst some of us step outside our function,you two have bought logic and reason,maybe its time you became cyberwomen,we already have one,the cyberwoman must be confirmed. the first cyberwoman
  8. Viki & Kate Part #1

    amy and ashley your logic is correct,are you sure you dont have any cyber technology within you??
  9. Viki & Kate Part #1

    thats a bit harsh ashley.but some of us do try,the maths maybe complicated,but its the struggle that makes it worthwhile without being disrespectfull
  10. all i gonna say is this you like throwing insults around and when they come back at you you complain,do the wold a favour and get lost all you are is a two faced grudgefull envious piece of dog sh-t
  11. thats like asking the sun not to shine
  12. there is logic in sat 11 wise words but every so often a brushing must be handed down to those who are abusive to a tennant for no good reason,the ultimate brushing will be handed down by judge stncld
  13. your logic is correct,we all know who and we all know why
  14. we are defence council and will brush anyone who is vile and insulting towards our friends