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  1. Hello ! They will have their appartament very soon ! We work on this 🥳
  2. And I missed you too ! ❤️🥰💋
  3. Thank you ! 💋💋
  4. Well, we don’t have such a nice time in our life. We just have some problems with blackmailed,like you know and I am every day at hospital about some time .. and don’t feel good at all, and of course when I come home , all I want is to sleep... I hope soon all this period to end , and to be back at normal. 😞
  5. Hey my friend. They go together in the vacation and tomorrow will be back online! Hope to be all good ❤️
  6. Hello. Nothing heppend after the threesome. The relationship between Kalita And Brett it is ok. Kalita lost a family member...and it is very hard for her .. We all hope to see again Kalita smiling and happy again , but we need to understand her ! ❤️
  7. Hey. Yes .. Kalita was not so good this days... The problem was not with Amy, they are very good friends. Kalita have some family problems ..that was the reason she started to cry. Now we hope all to be ok again ❤️
  8. We fixed the problem ! Sorry for that guys ! And thank you for telling us ! ❤️
  9. Oh yeees!! She is so sweet ! ❤️
  10. Thank you for telling us. We resolved right now 💋💋
  11. First thing .. we don’t consider we are the boss , if we open an appartament, we are friends. And I have some problem with my back , if you see last night George make me some massage with an ointment. Was an hospitality thing coming from they 😊
  12. I think the clock have a problem ! 😂😂😂
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