February 14, 2016, 12:46:17 AM
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Re: Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures and Videos Feb/16 to ?
Last Poster: HarleyFatboy in Kamila & Kristy on Today at 12:34:22 AM
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I'll tell you what, "Harley". If you come out as who you really are and end the deception, then maybe I will trust you more.

I've already done that but maybe that was in some posts that got removed.  I HarleyFatboy am also dfCcap.  I tried to change my name on CC with the hopes o

Re: Suzan and Hector - Pictures January 2016 to ?
Last Poster: cam0cap0 in Suzan & Hector on Today at 12:18:40 AM
don't quote the whole images ???

Re: Voronezh apartment - Split 13
Last Poster: mr1010 in Voyeur-Villa on Today at 12:12:58 AM
Nelly stays up all night just to avoid sleeping with the guy! She even hangs out in the shower! Anything to avoid him. All he did was fuck her for hours! She has to go. She isn't even trying to get along with the guys.

This place is so fucked up! We have two couples in Voro that stay to themselves. A fucked up Nelly. A couple in Tver that is totally antisocial (Ivo and S

Re: New girl is Danaya
Last Poster: HarleyFatboy in Ilona, Danaya & Adele on Today at 12:12:17 AM
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I'll admit, I like them all too, but the perfect apartment would have two rooms. Dayana and Irma would share one and K&K would share the other!!

That would be a perfect apartment no doubt about it.  My perfect apartment would be two rooms as well, Irma & Anna in one and Kris

Re: Juke Box Split #5
Last Poster: DES7469 in The Old Dudes Board on Today at 12:03:41 AM