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VH Best Picture

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It looks rather like a collection of old pics than of best pics. Best pics must be very few and should only be pics which show incredibly sexy or other outstanding while unique situations and or are from perfect quality. What I saw here are mostly old pics which I won't count to best of all times. Just my two cents here.

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13 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

These were the best of the pics that were there. There were thousands more that didn't make the cut. 

If you don't like it make your own thread. 😤

Oh hey, you forgot to take your 2 cents. 

Sorry I don't wanted to upset you. Just wanted to say best pics must be really sth. special. I will for sure post in your topic too. And you can keep the two cents my dear :biggrin:

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Just now, Amy3 said:

You see, there is no way to get perfectly perfect pics of Geri for example, yet these are the best picture available in the forums per me.  I only have the ones that are I the forums to chose from. I didn’t mean this to be THAT perfect. There’s no committee, each person can post pics they think are great. 

Yes Amy. I miss pics of the all time no1. Sveta :heart:

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1 minute ago, Amy3 said:

Perhaps you misunderstood the purpose of the thread Jabbath. Feel free to create one for only the top 0.00000001% of the pics. 😬

Haha no Amy its okay. But that got me an idea. What about making a vote for the best pic posted each week? Don't know if it's possible...

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