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Girls on Vacation - General Chat Topic (Jan - Mar./2018)

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This Thread is for General Chat Comments, Quotes & Thanks for Pictures & Videos

- If you have any Pictures or Videos of this Apartments Tenants Please place them in their Proper Threads.

Please Note:  (Off Topic Comments are Allowed in Girls on Vacation This Thread Only)

(It must be Short and not a Long Drawn Out Paragraph)

Any Such Comments Must Pertain to RLC Only. All Others Will Be Removed.




Please Note:  ** Effective Immediately any Comment and/or Quotes made in this Topic Must Pertain to what the Girls do Inside The Apartment Only, Not what They Do on the Outside. Any Discussion on Their Outside Activities must be Done By Private Messaging (PM) if you Feel the Need to Discuss Such a Matter.

There has been to much disruption lately in this Topic when Outside Activities are Discussed and the only way to stop the Disruption is to not Allow any Further Discussion of any Outside Activity that Takes Place.

It can't be Discussed in any of the Other Apartments so it's only Fair that it Applies to this Topic as well. 




- If you're going to chat about anything other than the Apartments within This Topic then Please use the Proper Threads for that Subject.

If there isn't a Subject, Please make one.


Please Note: Everyone has the right to express their opinions and to be heard.

- Not everyone is going to share that same Opinions and Views. Everyone has the right to express themselves in a Respectful Manner.

- Do not attack another Members Comments and/or Quotes just because you don't share the same views.

** (This Will be Monitored and Strictly Enforced) **

Any Derogatory Comments Will be Removed.

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29 minutes ago, vnax6 said:

I do not know who fixes that 7 a.m

the girls told rlc it was ok to turn the cams back on   that's how it works in the Barcelona apts the girls lets rlc know when to turn cams off and on  when they want to do things but not be seen on rlc cams  that's the way its always been and that is how it will always be :biggrin:

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37 minutes ago, bud2966 said:

molto divertente il modo in cui si torna online come niente fosse con l'apt :biggrin:

let's see if RLC, this evening, makes us forgive for making us have a fucking New Year ...
however I am quite convinced that these things are prepared by RLC.
we had apartment online (not UM) but it was impossible to access.
probably RLC blocked the servers.

this is the answer to my email to report the fault

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
The issue has been fixed.
Thank you.

I can guarantee you that yesterday's failure was a bullshit from a technical point of view (if it were true).
o power overload or fault loss.

in both cases it was enough a phone call and tell the girls:
disconnect all electrical loads
reactivate general switch
reactivate electrical loads (one at a time)
at the next black-out it is clear whether it was a differential fault or a magnetic switch but the problem was solved.
believe me, I repeat, I manage 70 municipalities and 100000 street light points !!!
and only last night my colleagues could have remotely reactivated faults many times (just provide the apartments with remote control systems and disconnection of the electric load remotely).
GOOD 2018 ...........

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I do not think so all night they stay without electricity,heat,lighting and after "party in the dark" they come back online 7 a.m. They had the opportunity to come back in B4 ,but they did not.I do not believe in that!

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18 minutes ago, bud2966 said:

le ragazze detto RLC che era ok per girare le camme di nuovo su quel Funziona così nel Barcellona Apts le ragazze lascia RLC sapere quando attivare camme spento e quando vogliono fare le cose, ma non essere visto su camme RLC questo è il modo suo sempre stato ed è così che sarà sempre :biggrin:


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21 minutes ago, Mikelima1970 said:


Mike I know how you feel and I agree with you completely but I don’t agree that RLc is voyeur website . It’s a game voyeur site like realitykings is fake reality porn because all the girls know there are caneras so it can never be a true voyeur website. They know about cameras and they know they are bing watched and that’s why they give you a show and sometimes switch off the cameras when they don’t want to give you a show 

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16 minutes ago, meran said:

Mike so come ti senti e sono d'accordo con te completamente, ma io non sono d'accordo che il RLC è il sito web voyeur. E 'un sito voyeur gioco come RealityKings è falso reality porn perché tutte le ragazze che ci sono caneras così non potrà mai essere un vero e proprio sito web voyeur. Sanno di telecamere e sanno che sono bing guardato ed è per questo ti danno un concerto e talvolta si spengono le telecamere quando non vogliono dare uno spettacolo 

from a certain point of view I agree.
but it happens, it's not often true, that there are girls a little more exhibitionist (that they like to play with us a bit)
the classic ones are leora and nelly.
even when rebecca with megan they had sex they were, in my opinion, really excited for us.
I also remember an irma with jessica (irma ate pussy in j and j was enjoying)
and I also believe karol and leila (especially leila) liked to play for us (with karol's pussy).

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