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Stella & Stephan Part #2

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1 hour ago, jabbath1987 said:

Lol what happened to poor Teddy? 😉

Teddy3.thumb.JPG.2ef067df8f08c55ea2bfe7408b962f2a.JPG  0   280.13 kB


He's had enough and is trying to off himself, the only problem is that he forgot he don't breath.😁

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So they got a new House and then what !???

Fake Cam Shows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stella and that other lady sticking that ugly thing and wiggling their asses makes me cringe !! 

What a pathetic freak show. It’s not even lesbian for fuck sake.Atleast the cam shows at Julya Raul are interesting. Raul gets to fuck Kiki, Julya and Alexandra.

I would say this again..this house sucks.


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