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B2 Girls on Vacation - General Topic July 2018 #2

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4 minutes ago, Thestarider said:

The Million Dollar Question ?????

Well Aria and her student Alexa, the two well fucked girls, who stay out all night regularly,

Corrupt the sweet and not quite so innocent Preachers Daughter Ksusha???

You know that's right!!

I gave up RLC for a number of reasons and one of those reasons was for all the time the girls spent outside the apartment.  These girls are employed by RLC because of those of you that pay their ridiculous monthly fee.  They are there to work a job (GOV means nothing) and spending more than 50% of their time outside, IS NOT working a job.  I'm not saying they can't go out every now and then but when they pull the kind of shit that I read about and I'm told about them, that would piss me off as a subscriber.  Their vacation starts when they leave RLC not while they are there and supposed to be working!!  I feel sorry for those of you that support such a lame site!

As for Ksusha, I'm sure she is just like the rest of the girls that grace the doors of the GOV!!

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Alexa got her rest in, now she dresses for another all nighter war paint and all the fixens, I guess she will back when she gets back.

 She looks really excited about the evening that is for sure(not). I have not seen even smile in the 1.5 hours she has been awake today.

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