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Em & Sia

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1 minute ago, Sparkles said:

Come on.. Do you expect opening houses with people already there??? you are asking too much

It's too much coincidence to be other people.. Glad to see them back... Time for big orgies now

Provided Sid is not the only visitor allowed!

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Well, once Em back, Ruby's apartment can be closed. Why we need the worst version of Em - if there is an original?

But - very tough competition is waiting for her.

Now there are several porn houses in active mode (ex-Misty guys Zack&Blondie, Ella&Isaac - and they will be really hard in week or ten days in new apartment, Nina, Kira). Em will be difficult here:confused:.

Drama - well, there's competition, the same Ruby. Yes, and Candy&Dean.

But welcome back. The apartment is pretty nice. And everywhere toys, coziness.:angel:






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