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32 minutes ago, Robwin said:

I know life is such a bitch eh lol

Yes, yes it is! There has been a grand total of 1 real transgirl on VHTV and she was in guy mode 95% of the time. I'm so bummed! Sorry, but none of those non-binary types count for me. I want to see a transgirl who by every means necessary and available seeks femininity as the goal of life. I want to see a serious effort in this regard broadcast on VH. But, I'm picky! The lady has to be able to at the very least barely be able to pull it off. Sorry, no bear man who cross dresses. Oh well, you get the idea. It's never going to happen though. 😔

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19 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Let's see how long it takes until the usual boring bating to cam routine starts...

Oh wow, what happened to Mr. Optimistic? At least you are in agreement that camstars don't belong on a voyeur site and they should be rightly shunned for doing such a blatant, non-realistic, act. To me, it's cheating. Don't be living on a voyeur site and then cheat against your fellow competitors by slinging the pussy for views. The job requires subtlety, skill, and an actual interesting life. 

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