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Dionysus & Artemida

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9 minutes ago, Sparkles said:

The bed didn't yet get cold and there is already new tenants

Realm 50 with the very famous visitors from the past

@StnCld316 another task for the day 😉

Well, there will be gymnastic sex. Unique content.



Please VH or @AlexLina not use ancient greek pantheon - as a source of names.🤓

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IF my memory serves correctly ...............then

Artemida, or Artemis, was the goddess of young girls, maidens (sworn never to marry) but also of hunting, deer and dogs = GOOD GIRL and

Dionysus was the God of wine, wine-making, madness and drunks!

It doesn't sound a terribly likely combination BUT she is blonde, tall and shapely and he.......

Let's enjoy! 😁 (but not with closed eyes).

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