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Sonia & Paul (2019) Part #1

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23 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Topic for Paul & Sonia. Manager most likely Gargamel. @StnCld316 can you please do your thing?

Only 7 cams and worst cam setup ever in livingroom👎

It's from him.. Ethel & Stephan there... and the hot girl from last party at matilda is Sonia

And seeing the realm number being the same of S&B.. guess the other house contract was for 5 months 

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3 minutes ago, miscvoyeur said:

Samanta should invite the guy that fucked the absolute shit out of her. One of, if not the best performers VH has ever seen.

I was wondering because Billy seemed a little sad after that guy left the apartment when he was done with samanta Haha 

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  • StnCld316 changed the title to Sonia & Paul (2019) Part #1

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