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Dudes are missing


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10 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

Walking away from this is a lot harder then you might think. 

Hi babe, now we all know you're a  bloody headcase 😁👍maybe that's why many of us love you you silly cow 😁  but you can just pace yourself, don't rush it and just enjoy us idiots as best you can. I almost gave it up,cc I mean, as I gave up VH many months ago now and don't miss it one little bit but there are a handful on here I do enjoy conversing with in whatever manner lol. It certainly ain't for the apartments and piccys as nearly all of them are the fucking same anyway. Just enjoy the banter and go with the flow. No doubt you will drop a bollock now and then but don't we all, no ones perfect so don't do yourself down, we can do that better than you lool. Welcome home Amy and enjoy.💜💜💜.

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4 hours ago, SOMHO2000 said:

I dont know why some TOP unique leading members have disappeared after the ban of RLC apartments.. I hope these people are fine.. My regards to you if you read this ...






@just man

Well I think that Hope85 has changed to xanadu  --  lol


i have an answer, no more free cams on RLC, so they can't watch what happened live

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53 minutes ago, moos54 said:

i have an answer, no more free cams on RLC, so they can't watch what happened live

moos54 a raison. Il n'y a depuis trois semaines plus grand chose qui mérite d'être enregistré et si j'ai remplacé quelqu'un en tous cas il ne s'agit pas de Hope85 qui nous manque à tous.

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2 hours ago, Amy3 said:

Thanks for the mention. I was not much into RLC because of the picture ban and when they started putting dots on the screen. I think losing that many apt at one time, especially the old bread and butter apts opened up the eyes of a lot of people and made them realize how much time they were wasting on this. I know for me it got to the point where I was here every other minute, constantly checking and checking again. I have 15 pages of PMs.  Since June I have cut back drastically. For me, a lot health related problems I was having resolved. My insomnia was much worse, I developed an anxiety disorder from being here so much and experienced frequent headaches. By the end of my work day I felt completely flushed to the point of almost exhaustion. Many times my brain literally felt numb. It was impacting my ability to work and life my life. Now, I generally just check here a few times a day maybe and my posts going forward will be quite limited. I like being here despite everything that has happened to me, but I have to be mindful of the addictive quality of this place and these sites. My real life is more important than this life. For a long time, it was the other way around. I couldn’t do it anymore and I had to find a way to escape it. I did everything even to the point of hurting people around me and self destruction. It’s like any other addiction. I’ve tried cold turkey, but I hate the idea of setting harsh limits on myself. I do enjoy being here and so I’m left with just trying to manage it. Walking away from this is a lot harder then you might think. 

you are quite right with the addictiveness of RLC, it will ruin your life if you let it!!  when i was banned from RLC, i took it upon myself to see if i could do without it and it was hard at first especially when i read something that i would like to have seen.  As time went on it kept getting easier and easier and i started to get what little life i have left....back.  i still enjoy the forum and even get jealous from time to time when people describe what is going on but it is by no means a reason for me to rejoin.  i hope you figure it all out and get your life and health back!!

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