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B4 Girls on Vacation - General Topic 2019 - August #4

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There has been far too much disruption in the Forum Topics over the past week or so.  This has got to come to a Stop immediately.

Every Member has a Right to Express their Opinion in a Respectable Manner so Logic Suggests if your going to Quote a Post then Answer the Member in a Respectable Manner.  This going after another Member because one doesn't share the same view only creates chaos in the Apartment Boards and Generates Reports.  If your going to answer a Post in a disruptive manner just to get some sort of feud going then I suggest you take your Post over to Rants and Flames and call out who you want over in that Topic.  Also Tenants and their Guests or Boyfriends have Names please use them.

When a Disruption Happens a Moderator or Myself will make a Post in the Topic where the issue is. When you're told to End It or Take it to Rants and Flames it's best to do so.  Any further Disruption after that Post will be Greeted with a Warning and a Possible Trip to the Time Out Chair. For those who don't know what a Time Out Chair is, that's where Your Posting will be Suspended for a certain length of time depending on what transpired. So Please Read the Forum Rules and Govern them Accordingly. They are Posted in the Pinned Section of Each Topic.


StnCld316 - Forum Admin.

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