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Luna & Zac - home activities topic #2

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Has anyone checked inside the fridge? Guest might be living in there now

From what I've seen so far, I think these 2 are good together. You've probably realised I'm a big fan of hers already, for several reasons, but he's got what I'd call a 'cheeky' face, and he's surprised me. He was cleaning and vacuuming earlier...not commonly seen on RLC from the blokes 😏

Sign up and find out!

@F219 Malia is on contract with RLC as an employee for nearly a year , she appeared in Leora’s Russian apartment previously of course but i don’t know when exactly . 

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Zac is being jerk to Luna,its obviously she just want the two living in house but he keep insisting and insisting,guest girl should have some self respect and see what is obvious(sorry for you guest),even if she probrably is sister,cousin of him that doesnt give him or guest the right to do what they wish,bring a dozen suitcases etc.And of course its better the guestroom continue being a guest room and not having someone living in it.They should reach a compromiss..one,two weeks max guest stays till she finds a place..to be honest didnt expect much of him and isnt being a desilution in that regard😅.Not a cool dude like Yanai for sure.

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