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Sergio (2021) Part #1

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1 minute ago, Robwin said:

:biggrin: So it's not Freddy now but back to Sergio is it? so bloody comical why do they bother? :biggrin:

I agree it is funny. But the name change was necessary for both when they did it. Now without Harley / Melissa and in a new place it is no longer necessary. And Sergio likes this name better 👍

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11 minutes ago, jabbath1987 said:

Well I think she needs some more time. Not easy for her too. I will tell you when I have some news. 

they did have some great parties and a lot of beautiful ladies!

never want to see anybody break up, but maybe in thier case probably for the best.

I just wish the gorgeous Sabrina would open her eyes 😞

and realize just what Scott is!

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