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Nina & Kira, Masha & Lex (2021) Part #5

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So... If Putin finally succeeds in killing Navalnyj this time, or invades more of Ukraine than he already did with Krym and Donbas, Mother Russia needs young people like you, beautiful Kira and Nina, to stand up against him and say that this is not how the world is supposed to be in 2021. You need to tell him that you do not want another Stalinist regime, even though you are moving in that direction at maximum speed at the moment. Tell him that the days om imperialism and suppression of the people (this time subtle through government-controlled fake media, and social-media-flooding trolls) is over.

And for those who think Russia is the big thing... Ukraine existed as a state hundreds of years before there was any Russia. My viking ancestors from Norway went to "Gardarike", mostly nowadays Ukraine, centered around Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. The founder of Oslo even married the daughter of the king in Kyiv back in around the year 1060. So when Russia these days want "their outbreak republics" back, they put all history that was before the Soviet Union under the carpet, and pretend it does not exist.

I have friends in Ukraine. If I was younger, I would go there to pick up a gun and help driving the aggressors out.

Sorry for being political. This has been a thing for me since I was in the Norwegian army back in the 1980-es. My country has a border with the same aggressor.


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1 hour ago, Someone there said:

I didn't expect anyone to react to my rant at all, but am surprised to find a laughing icon. That was totally unexpected. Please elaborate.


Mainly because this topic would be the last one where I expected to find some political stuff. Besides that not everything is just black or white. But that is a topic which can be discussed in the political section of the forums here... But beware of the Ridgerunner there 😁

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3 hours ago, Someone there said:

Thanks, Jabbath. I didn't know there was a political section here.

It's a good-sized forum with a little something for everyone. It is, however, an unmoderated forum. Except for death threats, the moderators don't want to hear about any rules violations.

And Jabba's right, beware the Ridgerunner. He claims not to be a Republican, but that probably just means he's not a member of the party. He is as Republican as it's possible to be. He's a FAR right, Q-Anon, conspiracy-believing wingnut, with not a good word for anyone who disagrees with him. Forewarned is forearmed. Ask @golfer06or @O_U812about him.


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