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B2 - General Topic 2023 #16 (September)

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About Esmi & Nadia sunbathing naked/topless on the balcony (of course I missed it): maybe the neigbour(s) in question is/are all female & without boyfriend/husband? Or visibly gay? But probably the girls were just sure they weren't home...

Still, I wouldn't mind as a neighbour 😉 but surely wouldn't harass them or make silly remarks if they did that. I might water my balcony plants a bit longer than necessary, possibly drowning them in the process, but alas this alone would probably cause them to quickly cover up... Even just being on my balcony could suffice. All because of the existence of some few douchebag guys who wouldn't be able to handle themselves at the sight of a topless or naked girl/woman... 😕 So girls get conditioned at an early age to cover up when males are about... They would be way less prude if (almost) all men could actually act normal in the presence of naked girls. 

Obviously rude/lecherous guys is why we (most civilized guys with a possible voyeuristic streak) can't have good things... :sad: 


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Just now, JoeBitch said:

It’s the wrong room for her. Bed to small. Cams not as good. Ulyana should stay with her friends 

The cams in her room at B1 were better but I don't find those in B2 bad.

Smaller room is better because this way she doesn't have much space to store a bunch of stuff and so doesn't have the same problems that she had when she left the project last year. 🤣

And, if she had Uly's room she wouldn't be taking a nap in the LR like she's doing now.

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