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Current Events in the News (commentary)

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Rather than discuss news events and items of current interest in the other threads, I thought it might be fun to discuss these things here.  Or not.

Anyway, so today we learned that Monkey Man was unable to meet with the head of NATO.  Why?  Too busy.  LOL  Gee, maybe the head of NATO had something to say about, oh, I don't know.... Putin (on the ritz), Ukraine, etc.  But no, BamBam decided to fuck off today and refuse to meet. 

No wonder Fortune 50 listed the most important people (including political leaders) in the world and.... wait for it.....

Jimmy Fallon YES

Barack Obama NO

The Goat Rodeo Clown didn't even make the list! 

I guess that means Fortune Magazine will get an IRS audit soon.

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Sure,.. Just like the manufacturers of Gibson guitar did because they didn't donate to the Socialist Democrat party.

An American icon that many here can be proud of, and they got attacked by this corrupt, lying, piece of shit! 

Fuck that two-bit Chicago punk!  He means absolutely nothing to me. 

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Speaking of Fortune magazine, they have this lady as the world's greatest female leader:



Leader? Let's see how she leads when the shit hits the fan in this country and she has to lead people and actually get her hands dirty.At least Barry (obama osama) wasn't on the list,so the list holds 'some' validity. ;)
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California is about to run dry. What happens when the most populous state in the U.S. runs out of water? 67% of the state is in Extreme or Exceptional drought.


You seen any of those "Mad Max" movies?  That's what's going to happen.

All Californians should start building their armored cars now.

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What I don't understand, is the fact that on submarines they have the ability to convert sea water into drinkable water, so why can't they do the same inland?

But then again, after California adds their usual inflated tax on it, ten dollars a bottle water wouldn't help much anyway. 

And just imagine peoples water bills.  A three hundred dollar bath or a hundred and fifty dollar shower means that a lot of people there will start to stink pretty bad.  Well, excluding my friend Foamy and a few others I suppose, most of them already do anyway.  And you will be able to spot the tourist right away by the way they all hold their noses when talking to the natives there. 

Native Californian:  "Your not from around here I see." 

Tourist:  "Doh, I ben heer for a cupple daz, but cant stay dong."  "I fine it har ta breed." 

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Anytime you hear an ad campaigned demanding that something be done to protect the children, look out!  Rarely does it involve protecting anybody except the ad campaign’s sponsors’ wallets.  Here is a good example:

Big Tobacco made a deal with the states (California included) to compensate them for the healthcare costs associated with people using tobacco products.  The benchmark for that program is tobacco (cigarette) sales within each state.  The more cigarettes people buy in California, for example, the more money California gets from Big Tobacco, in the form of taxes AND from the $20 billion health fund. 

The outrage is that vaping has become so popular and restrictions on smoking cigarettes in buildings, etc. have become so extreme that fewer and fewer people are purchasing cigarettes – but are vaping instead.  Vaping has been shown to be harmless to the user and to the environment, as it is merely steam with some nicotine (patches, gum, etc. levels).  So Big Tobacco and the State of California have conspired to try to stop vaping.  Not to help people, of course, but to stimulate cigarette sales in order to get more money from the fund based on those sales. 

But the ad doesn’t admit that it is Big Tobacco funding this b.s. – in fact, they pretend that they are AGAINST the tobacco industry.  It’s like when Las Vegas tried to stop the California State Lottery, pretending to be the California Coalition of Churches, etc.  Big Tobacco is funding the State of California’s lie-infested ad campaign, pretending to be anti-Big-Tobacco – all to get people to buy more cigarettes so they (the tobacco industry) get more money from the sale of cigarettes and the State gets more money from the twenty billion dollar fund. 

As far as I’m concerned, I have no issue with the tobacco industry anyway.  If people want to smoke, and it’s not illegal, it’s not my business.  People also eat poorly and try to swim to Catalina Island.  Not my problem.  But using taxpayer funds to create these lying ads, pretending to hate the industry who actually is funding them, all in an effort to promote cigarette sales so they can get even more taxpayer dollars is, in my opinion, worthy of condemnation. 

Tobacco Free California is actually Big Tobacco’s little bitch….

And we are all paying for her knee pads and lube.


News report on efforts to ban or control vaping:


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Society today is overly ridiculous when it comes to coddling children.  If you have ever read the accounts of the pioneers back in the eighteen hundreds, their children had to face many things that could very well either take their own lives or that of their parents at any time.  Not to mention the dangers from attacks from Indians or robbers.  And yet these children didn't go bonkers or turn out screwed up.

What I am saying here, is that kids have the capacity to take the hardships of reality in life far better than people today give them credit for.    And yes, I happen to care about kids very much.  So, I'm not saying that we shouldn't do some things to help shelter them from these horrible things.  But this nonsense about not taking score in a baseball, or soccer game that they may be playing in, because we wouldn't want to upset little Johnny by letting him know that his team stunk that day, only goes to show you how weak and timid their liberal parents really are instead.  The fucking kids can take the truth, even if their screwed up parents can't. 

And yet, these same liberals make no bones over trying to scare these kids half out of their wits about their bogus "Global Warming" scam, so that they will be programmed to become good little Democrats in the future.     

Do any of you remember that old child's story about the little chicken that went running around, frantically yelling out, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"  Only to be shown in the end by the other animals in the farm yard, that he was nuts.  The story was called, "Chicken Little."  I think this story must have given Al Gore nightmares when he was little.  He still suffers from the effects of it.

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Mitchell : No, the lengths that we're going to for a stuffed animal. You know, Cam, maybe it's time Lily learned about loss.

Cameron : No, she's 3, and I know. Do you know how many times I had to say good-bye to a furry friend on the farm?

Mitchell : And didn't it make you stronger?

Cameron : Yeah, because I was a growing boy and they were chock-full of protein. But it was still heartbreaking.

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