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All I had to perform a server restore which appears to have wiped out the paid membership group. I will get this fixed as soon as possible. Thank You.

Update: If you lost your paid membership please post here and I will reactivate you

I am trying to get it fixed, in the mean time I can manually update it.

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I know you're busy but still waiting for Paid status to be restored. TIA

Date: February 26, 2015 10:37:11 AM

Amount Paid: $12.00 USD

Name on StatementPayza *

Reference Number: 13A76-46FAB-E63B4

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I lost my membership to:

    Date: 30 octobre 2014 8:48:34

    Montant payé: $12.00 USD

    Nom sur le relevé:Payza *

    Numéro de Référence: 5BAA1-35C97-11340

    Nom du marchand: Depraved Media

    E-mail du vendeur: [email protected]

    Description de l'article: 1 Year membership to CamCaps.Net: 1 Year nonrecurring membership to CamCaps.Net


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