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Masha & Sasha - Pictures (2015) #1

TBG 150

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(The Image Content is no longer accessible and has been removed).

Surprised she actually got an apartment considering she hid behind the certain when she changed after yoga at Dasha's. Good looking girl tho

you have a pic or video or something of it

btw she is cute I like her

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On ‎2015‎-‎10‎-‎14 at 7:29 AM, Hope85 said:


Call Paul and Leora in to see what fun sex can be. It was tricky in the small bath but they tried a lot of things. Full marks to Masha and Basha ... I mean Sasha - his bishop was well and truly bashed. I like them already although Masha doesn't yet want to show flesh to the free cam, I am hoping she will show her cuteness in time.

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