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Voronezh - Split 14


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Is that fat ugly guy in Voro the boss of VV?

He looks more like a Moldavian migrant worker.  :lmao:

But if Petra had sucked him ... It may be the boss, but really does not. I do not believe.

It does not look like a man who has enough money for such a project. And the boss is unlikely to go under the camera, that him made a blowjob.

You complain that you are bored? Here's a riddle for you! Scratching their heads, looking for an answer. But I think that after two bearded mens here can be anything.

By the way: can he the boss of the bearded mens?  :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

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vv, members of losses probably limit was exceeded, the camera at the front of the show, the work could not count how many times was yesterday, now sinking ship last throes, new ships must

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So new guy with Jacky and both in Voro. The more I see them interact, the more I believe that he has 0 interest in her. It almost reminds me of the way Nastya used to be all over Messa when he was ignoring her, but new guy and Jacky aren't that bad yet. 

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