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Maria & Grisha Part #1


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Nick is very weak and boring, poor Nick-boy. Now she are fucking with other man. He coud satified her ??? Nobody know it-

Stay need strong lover to fuck her very long time, because this girl have great problems to get orgasmus.

Nick is zero to it - now he is dissappointed. Not Stacy is the problem - Nick is it. He never interesting to Stacy after fucking.

Only his shit-Smartphone is interesting for this stupid baby. The same like for all young people under 50 years today.

Stop this shit in the apartments - only 30 minutes per day - the rest time give sozial activitys and not only sleep.

Stacys new fucker give her orgasmus?? I don't know. Give her an good DILDO / RABBIT to masturbate herself - its

pleasure for all viewers. Active Stacy don't need weak babies. :biggrin:  She work herself optimal - like we have seen some days before.

Now the apartment is boring - go to sleep ! No money for this ........

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Who know russian meals ??? Interest "cooking" and eating here. Something they give in soup plate, hot water and eat with spoon.

Often "powder", sometimes vergetables fry inthe pan - but always stew to eat by spoon. Knife and fork the people in this apartment

don't need. All is "solyanka"-style ???

Some years ago russian neighbors made with very much smoke in garden 3 times in week "shish kebab" - eating by hand.

Knife and fork are in russian unknown ????? :biggrin:

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1 hour ago, Voyeur House TV said:

Lesen Sie mehr auf Teilnehmer - Seiten  oder auf Blog Ankündigungen hier und hier

BTW, Harley, Sie haben noch nicht geantwortet auf meine Nachricht in PM in Antwort auf Ihre erste Anfrage.

Stupid  "non-info" and nonsens from VH-TV . What you want to say VH-Baby ??? :angry:

VH go home !!!! ::) Nobody need shit - you understand ???? :biggrin:

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17 minutes ago, happyone said:

Question is can you talk with your mouth full of soda crackers????????????? lol

Dude, don't engage him. He's obviously never going to say anything intelligent. He's a ridiculous little troll that just wants attention. Put him on your ignore list and hope the mods ban him. 

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1 hour ago, miscvoyeur said:

Geck, engagieren ihn nicht. Er ist offensichtlich nie zu etwas intelligenter sagen. Er ist ein lächerlich kleiner Troll, der nur Aufmerksamkeit will. Setzen Sie ihn auf Ihrer Ignorieren-Liste und hoffen, dass die Mods ihm verbieten. 

Boy - what you want to say here ??? Russian need knife and fork to eat ??

What you want, baby ??  Give answer or stop stupid nonsens !!! miscv    :angry: 

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