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Welcome Back Danaya

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Danaya Arrived December 15th.

If Danaya stays 30 Days she will Depart January 14,2017.

If she stays 60 Days she will Depart February 13,2017.

If she stays 90 Days she will Depart March 15th,2017.


Any Reference from the 2016 Portion of this Thread can be found on this Link:     


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Danaya,  I watched you and Karol together this evening until y'all started the painting thing which has been done numerous times and for me it has become old.  In the future, try to have more fun like you did with Karol the night that weird friend of Michelle's tried to make something happen in the apartment.  I enjoyed watching you and Karol laugh and cut up with each other so much that night.  It brought back some good memories for me from when I first started watching RLC.

Just a little friendly advice if you choose to use it.

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Danaya,  I guess I should have said that I only have about another week on RLC and then I'm done with them.  I say this just in case you might want to laugh and cut up with Karol again before I'm done.

Take care of yourself and I wish you the best and I have enjoyed watching you both times you have been on RLC!!

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10-1-2017 Danaya talks to her BF on skype.

She shows her naked body to a guy who allegedly changed the lifestyle for which Danaya criticized him a lot. She asks if he likes what he sees. D: Do you want others to watch me naked?. She proposes him to strip too. She asks about his colleagues. She promises to arrive back home in a month & half. Danaya complains that her breasts hurt but ensures that they are not sagging. She tells him to compare, whichever is greater. He says he would gladly lie next to her.

Danaya: What's the problem? Come. He says that he gets fired from his work then. Danaya asks: What's so dangerous? He: I'll be sitting at home. D: And what will you do at home. He: I told you. D: "It's written with a stick on the water." The most important for me is that you are not involved with your former company because I do not intend to tolerate it. He says that he must end because a lot of people have tried to call him.


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  • 2 weeks later...

18.01 Miguel shows up for short visit.

K & D talking in the living room and Nicole at the time shows Miguel her new room then walks him out to the door.

Danaya comments: She got tired. So he worked hard. 

.Nicole is back in living room

D: How was fucking?

N: Nothing happened.

D: Everything was heard. Spanking. Here, here, here ...

N with a laugh: We fought.

D:  That's how it is called now...?

N: Nothing happened. If you deal with things like that it's a pity to waste time on something like that.

K: For you it is wasted time and he went out unsatisfied.

N: No, it is not so. I do not .... I do not agree.

D: It did not work out?

N: It was on purpose. Girls make fun of Nicole 

Nicole after a moment says: I saw Jessica as she was alone with phone and licking banana. It was like sucking penis.

K: I would also like to suck. Shows Danaya that her mouth can fit the whole breast.

N: Apparently someone did not fuck her good since she begins with a banana.

K: I can't take penis too deep in my pussy. Soon I will lose my guy.

Nicole asks Karol if she can do something. I did not understand what. Guess deep throat.

D: It seems to me that this is not difficult.

N: It all depends on the shape of the penis.

D: No.

N: He has a wide one and I can not do it. But I like it.

D: Big?

N: 18

D: That's cool.

N: He is ... (shows the thickness of his penis).

D: It does not hurt you? For me it's too much. Top 16.

Nicole admits that it hurts.

K: Everything depends on the excitement. If you are not excited enough even finger is not nice. If you are excited that all the muscles are well supplied with blood and relaxed and then intercourse is not painful.

D: And they think that touching the pussy is enough. Rubs and rubs so that I'm afraid that I will have the blisters there N: You should show them how to do it.

K: One thing is to shag  a completely different be together  ...

D: That's ridiculous. Who said it is pleasant? On the front where the entrance hole ... .. from the top, and he does so (shows) .and it has to be enjoyable.? 

N: Strange. The first time I hear of such a thing.

K: Maybe he was not watching porn?

D: I do not know. He said he had sex for 4hrs with one girl. Then it turns out that not full 4hrs with a cigarette breaks. A cigarette break could last for 3 hours. Nicole asks whether he might have sex for long time.

D: You know, I do not know. He could go maybe twice every 5 minutes and maybe later ... sometimes he takes me 4 or even 5 times in a row and does it long and very hard. To the extent that I tell him that I can not take it anymore. Leave me! And he says: No

K: Everything depends on the excitement. If he is very much excited and wants you badly, it is difficult for him to stop even for a second.

D: It was 4 times in a row, and not that there were any breaks. He went to wash himself. He came. He lay down again, and he had boner again. I have the impression such that he should take valerian to calm down.

N: I like the fact that he may do it for long time.

K: And on the other hand, it happens that you already had 100 orgasms and he does not stop. Excitement does not pass and there is no result.

D: With a regular partner you know the positions at which he quickly ends. But if this is a new guy ...

I already know my guy. If I sit down on him and do so (shows) after approx. 30 seconds it is over.

D also says about the situation when she is aroused and he is indifferent. He goes make himself a cup of tea and she waits, and does not know what to think about it.

Karol is of the opinion that they should learn each other together.

D does not understand. For what?

Karol says that no one is born perfect and she with her Kostia learned each other. She told him what pleases her and what does not. Then you can have sex without mutual deception.

Later, the N changes the subject and asks D if she likes children.

D replies that she likes but later admits that children get her upset.


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19.01 around 0:53 in Danaya's room.
Nicole: Can I take some of your cookies? D: I do not have biscuits. Girl (Karol) has biscuits. In recent times, I do not eat sweets because everything goes in my "cup" (buttocks and hips), and spoiled my complexion. They talk briefly about this. N: says that she saw D ate chocolate. D: It's hard for me to refuse. Although I do not fuck here I have to  refuse chocolate. Throughout my life, I ate a lot of chocolate and here I can not even a little .

N: You gain weight? D: I'm getting fat. N: For many women it is going in the hips and buttocks. Not like Michelle. Eats and not gaining weight. D: But Michele is stupid. The figure can be improved but stupidity is for life. N: I liked when she said that she supports her parents. D: She does not at all. N: She said that her parents do not work and she sends them money. D: That's nonsense. When she told me that earns big money I said that it was fortunate that could help her parents. She then said that parents do not take her money. Sometimes get gifts from her. N: And she said, that her mother does not work and she completely supports her. D: That's nonsense. I know that she allegedly bought in her city few apartments and rents them. On her behalf her parents deal with this, , and maybe also something of that they have. N is under the impression and says that the apartments are expensive. D: In the capital. And this is not the capital.

N: Mother knows what she does? D: I do not know. She told me that she knows but it seems to me that her mother did not suspect what exactly she was doing. Take, for example Lima. I know what has happened when she was with us but the situation with 20 euro I do not understand. She tells something about you and then I hear from you this story and these are two different stories. What else tells you and another to me. I just said I was lucky that can help parents. My mother earns little and I am happy when I can help her. Sometimes I bring something for her, and when I get to go shopping I buy her things, which because of the savings  she herself would not bought.

N: Yes. It is difficult to understand the behavior of Michele. D: I do not know. Is there something wrong with her psyche? With her head is something wrong. I say this not just to insult her but this is the reality. Although when I arrived and learned that she was working as a model, she has a car and a few apartments that had an impression on me. I just could not do it.

N: You could not? D: Work as a model in such a way as she works I could not. N: Just as she is, how? D: masturbate in front of the webcam. N: Jessica doesn't masturbate in front of webcam. She just dances. D: Jessica earns little. Today I spoke to her. N is surprised and upset that she went without her. D continues: Jessica earns only $ 200 a month and sometimes happens to work for 16hrs. What's the point?

N: When I met her I thought she was great but when I found out how she earns money, it put me right off her. 

D: Why? But she does not allow herself to anything extraordinary.

N: It's humiliation when the guy pay you and you meet some of his wishes. You sit and you wait until someone picks you. Essentially it is whoring except that no one will touch. Understand? And that's enough. In the meantime, Karol comes out of the bathroom and is listening in silence.

N: It's humiliating. On one hand creates herself as wise and beautiful princess and on the other deals with something like that. She has a great sense of self-esteem and ego inflated to the outside of the boundaries of possibility and in fact contradicting herself. Karol goes away but can be heard saying you're contradicting yourself.

D: I was referring to this with equanimity. Also, when I learned how  Michelle earns.

N: For Michelle it make sense. She earns a lot of money.

D: I mean, that Michelle is doing something like that and at the same time dares to judge others.

N: And whom she judged?

D: Even you, that you have someone there with whom you're doing something. She does not understand. Therefore, it is not wise to judge ...

N: I do not judge. The motivations are clear to me she earned for the car and an apartment. Even if it is whoring. She does not deny it.

D: She denies it.

Karol comes back and says: She denies it. she said she did not even undress. She says she works just like Jess.

N: I saw a penis. Black penis. I said, that's funny. She said, that she puts it in there. She told me how it works. I asked: You dance? M: No. I sit with spread legs and show them dildo. Waiting until someone asks her. It happened that she deceived people.They asked her about something, they sent money and she did not do anything.

K says that when they're fooling around Michelle was reluctant to even show her breasts.
Then they talk about salsa dancing for the next day in B1, and  the pizza they want to prepare for this occasion.

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