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The Finer Things in Life


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A gift for my friend Foamy

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 I really never had a chance to tell you thanks


 I raise my glass to the one and only squirrel, my mentor, and my friend, may your life be ever so fulfilled with happiness and health and all the finer things in liife has to offer to a little forest creature. May the Goddess be yours in you wildest dreams.

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Sounds great. I'm unfamiliar with this. In England I tend to stick to JD, But I love all bourbon and am a huge fan of Whiskey. I've been drinking Aberlour Single Malt tonight...aged in Spanish Sherry casks and it's 60'7% alcohol....delicious...

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I prefer to drink the local whatever. My shelf now consists of crushed empty cans of PBR, empty $5 bottles of Borski Vodka, and Franzia boxed wine. I am left with nothing worth while to share with Nora & Kiko, except a $500,000 bottle of Screaming Eagle that I've squirreled away. And I can't remember where I hid it. Dang.

But I still have my aristocratic tastes: (add up the value of these, and you can buy RLC and all your favorite girls. And the CamCaps corporate yacht.)




dream cabinet.jpg

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