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  1. Hello squish. Could you upload a pic of the hairdresser girl, please? I wanna check her out.
  2. I'm sorry for my stupid question, but did guest girls take shower or piss duting the party?
  3. Yeah, plus places where no action happens. Shortly speaking, boredom.
  4. Well, I've already cancelled my sub. There are too many professionals and staged scenes on the site, as if I watch stripchat and not a reality show. F.ck this shit. Everything was much better 2-3 years ago. Vhtv managers, you should change your concept if you want to attract new potential buyers.
  5. Yeah, truth. By the way, I really like the idea of the project, but the implementation of managers ruins it. They love easy money, cause the easiest way is to hire porn actors😒. I'm sorry for being like a pain in the neck, but I'm indignant a bit.
  6. Then what's the difference between webcam sites or other porn sites and vhtv? The site's owner informs us passionately that we deal with amateurs. Yeah, Rejolda may not be a pornstar, but it's hard to consider her as an "ordinary" girl that has zero experience in adult business at the same time. So now we have 40 realms and at least half of them have to do with porn (amateur, professional-doesn't matter). Isn't that shitty, is it? I don't know how about you guys, but I doubt I'll extend my sub. There are tons of free porn sites in the net.
  7. Ideally, In his twenty he literally must fuck everything that moves. I have no idea, maybe he should visit a doctor and check his level of testosterone. It's an unhealthy thing.
  8. He'd better play a new game or plunge in his laptop than get laid lol. He may be a good, kind-hearted guy, but I feel sorry for her all the same.
  9. Well, let's make a conclusion:I've spent a half of the night to see a vomitous girl. Nothing more, nothing less. Youth, I love you. Good night,everyone.
  10. How do you think guys, are they gonna fuck tonight or not? The two fresh babies look nice. It's high time to show us what they are made of.
  11. I'm really sorry, I've already deleted the information.
  12. I've just got that the fair-hair guy looks very familiar to me. I know him in real life. I'm shocked😬.
  13. Wtf is going on in the bathroom? Have somebody else noticed? One guest girl seems to be trying to put down another one and she's not letting her come out. If such behavior continuous Ill have to complain about the scene. Its inappropriate.
  14. Its by far my favourite realm. They really love each other, they don't cheat on, non-professionals, they have nothing to do with alcoholic/druggy parties. The only thing I would add is friends, because there is a shortage of them . And yes, maybe I'm a perv, but Id like to see Kristy's female friends having a shower lol☺️.
  15. Thanks a lot one more time. I did it yesterday successfully.🥳😀💪. It wasn't as difficult as it seemed at the beginning.
  16. I totally agree with you. There are similar sites like VHTV, for instance camarads, but its so boring and has not many tenants. 7 couples vs 41 ones, not including guests😆. I wish there would be real competitive sites to voyeur-house in the near future. I hope so, cause the business is quite profitable.
  17. Thank you for your help,waldi. Have a nice day😉🙂.
  18. Well, i've always thought that the internet and privacy aren't compatible😆. Look, recorded videos from voyeur-house.tv appears on related to vhtv sites every day. Is it the way they care about and protect their participants? Everybody can watch records and after that, what is the point in blocking? Their acquaintances could easily stumble upon such videos surfing the net. Dont forget about twitter in which vhtv's managers upload naked pics of tenants and guest and its available for everybody.
  19. I can't even access area that is available for purchase. The site gives "not available in your country".
  20. Hello ,StnCld316. Yeah, maybe, but what's wrong with that? I cant get the point. For example, Brazzers is located in Canada, but its available for canadian users and for the whole world. Anyway, waiting for an official reply from VHTV's support.
  21. Hi, i'm a freshman here. I craved to buy a monthly subscription, but got an image "VHTV is not available in you country". Wtf is going on? Dont they need money and potential consumers? Support told me i should use a vpn service to get around, but i dont trust all these additional tools very much. Moreover, why should i use them? Millions of people have access to their cameras and can freely buy any subscription. Ive stumbled upon many other complaints about this problem here, but VHTV's managers still keep on doing that. Why is everything complicated so much. That's ridiculous and makes me angry. Thats unfair. There must be not limited access for every person that wants to buy a subscription regardless of a country.😠
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