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  1. For if you still don't know Markus posted that she's got personall problems and the reason she left.
  2. I actually moved to CC because i'm not a fan of the VH forum. A lot of people talking shit and little appreciation for members who posts caps. Maybe one of the reasons why budda won't post there. And personally (nothing against gay people by the way) i'm not so interested in people posting caps of dicks and telling how great they look. But that's just my opinion. So if there are people who like to see more caps of scenes for the straight people i can post some here.
  3. Hello Jules. @Folivora I saw Bertha packing today. Is she leaving?
  4. Hi. I'm new here. I'm at the other forum and send a pm to them. Today i got a reply that they also have troubles with their internet connection. Not sure but maybe the reason why they are not online yet. They now posted themselves that it's because of bad connection.
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