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1 minute ago, groomy said:

This apartment officially only for Anastasia. Nyu with boyfriend already online from Budapest:angel:.

Guess the rent was paid for more then expected and something went wrong there ... Maybe when the rent is over they will come back to russia.. 

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20 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

Yes, you're correct, that's where they fucked up. RN would do well to avoid doing that. If you're going to start a new life somewhere else, don't bring baggage with you. 

Id love to see them bring locals. Hungarian girls are hot :heart::tongue:

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2 hours ago, Amy3 said:

Cut me right off there StnCld! Lol I was like why can't I post? Haha ❤️

Sorry.  I have no way of knowing if any posts were still going on in the previous Topic.  If there was any made I'll move them to this one.

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